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DockFluent in Spanish and Cantonese our prompt & courteous dock service includes:Container loading & unloading, trans-loading, pallet exchange, inspection services, barrel & drum handling, dock high & street level truck loading StorageFreezer, cooler & dry space, individual case, locker, racked and bulk storage available Rail AccessInbound and outbound rail services provided by Union Pacific - Track 831, Yard 30 Fulfillment ServicesFully autonomous order processing, picking, packing and shipping available. Let us be your distribution department. Products ship with your labels and to your specifications, at intervals you require. We can remain invisible to your customers. Import/ExportContainer loading and unloading services,FDA & USDA approved inspection facility TransportationRefrigerated, Dry and Flatbed trucking in the Greater Bay Area with arranged transportation beyond. Blast Freezer0° F in 72 hours or less depending on product density Electronic CommunicationOnline inventory, live event tracking, complete item history, customizable reports, full or partial electronic document reporting, EDI capable